Why HTML Is Still Important For Every Web Developer

html important

HTML and its Importance:

HTML or Hyper-text Mark-up Language is the globally accepted mark-up language that powers the web. Prior to the introduction of HTML, the designing of a web page was limited to a great extent. And as there were no HTML editors, web developers had to learn a coding language as a mandate which made it all the more tedious.

With the introduction of HTML code, there was no need to type in HTML code from the start. Since then, many HTML editors have emerged, and the most popular ones today are Front Page and Dreamweaver.

Though these editors have their positives and negatives, they are very efficient when talking about HTML Coding. Like any language, once you master it, you can begin to start by your own, be it simple websites or complex web applications.

Using HTML, each and every element of a web page can be formatted. While there are another well-known web mark-up languages today, HTML continues to be the predominant mark-up language for creating web pages.

Not only this it is equally useful to small and growing businesses that do not really need advanced functionality on their website as well as huge organizations that have a plethora of requirements. Below are some of the key highlights of using HTML to create your website.

Browser Support:

Most of the browsers support HTML when compared to any other web programming language. As long as the programmer ensures to optimize the website it would show up on almost all the websites around the world. Also, optimizing an HTML based website for browser compatibility is not as complex as it would seem.


A major advantage of HTML is that it is free which means no software or plugins are required and this would help you save considerably on your website development cost.

Development Tools:

There are a huge number of development tools that are compatible with HTML than any other mark-up language. Be it FrontPage, DreamWeaver, or any other programming tool finding a development tool wouldn’t be a major task.

Search engine friendly:

Of all the web mark-up languages, HTML is the most search engine friendly. It is much easier to create SEO compliant websites using HTML than any other mark-up language. When building an SEO Compliant website HTML provides maximum flexibility with minimum complications.


On a broader view, an HTML website can look just as appealing as a website using the more advanced technologies, and getting yourself a well made HTML website is a better decision for your business.

This being said if your website has to have a greater functionality then you need to research for the right tools, even then HTML is like a strong foundation or says a base for website development.

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