Web Application Development Trends in 2020



The web is constantly changing and evolving. And as new technologies arrive, old ones are either retired or improved. It is very important to stay abreast of the latest happenings and apply them to your projects. Here’s a roundup of currently trending technology in this field:

Progressive Web App

These are basically web apps or web sites that look like mobile apps, especially when it comes to functionality and design. It is a marriage of web browser and native mobile app features to give the user an app-like experience, which accounts for its growing popularity. The PWA was proposed by Google a few years ago and has several benefits. Some of these are instant loading, push notification and increased conversions, and the ability to add the PWA app to the user’s home screen.

The rise of the chatbots

Customer is king, the customer is always right! There are enough aphorisms out there to prove how valuable and important the customer is. So, Businesses are always on the lookout to improve customer service and keep customers happy. With chatbots, they can do just that 24/7, 365 days a year. These chatbots can answer common queries, direct users to the right information and even set up appointments, among other tasks. Making it a very useful and efficient feature to have.

Motion UI Matters

So, a web site should be simple, easy to navigate and most importantly intuitive. Then, This is where motion UI, originally popular for mobile apps, comes in. So, By using this you can create a functional and well-designed site. This is achieved by using animations, hovers, headers and transitions among others, to set your website apart from your competitors.

Blockchain Technology

The buzzword nowadays is blockchain. You might associate it with cryptocurrency. But, basically, it allows for collective data storage and information which is spread across thousands of computers around the world. This means it would be nearly impossible to destroy or hack a blockchain and the data is public and available to anyone who needs it. It can be used for decentralized file storage, supply chain auditing among others. This technology is on the rise and finding a lot of applications in web development.

Single Page Websites

So, Our attention spans are low, there is too much going on, too many things that claim our attention. Also, It isn’t surprising under the circumstances that the new trend in websites calls for them to be a single page.

This means you would find everything you need on a single page that is easily navigable, of course! You could get to different parts of the page via scrolling or clicking on links. These sorts of websites work well on mobiles. Also, the cost of development, design, and hosting is kept low due to the simplicity of design.

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