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One of the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization is writing relevant and useful content. It becomes even harder to do this when you are working with a client in an industry you do not know much about.

If you are a single SEO or work for a small SEO firm. And do not have the revenue or space to hire a professional copywriter. Then this article is for you. By no means would I say I am an excellent writer; I am decent, at best. However, through some simple techniques, you can create useful content for readers. That will increase your clients’ rankings and visibility to search engines.

1. What does your client really do?

A good place to start your copywriting endeavors is to answer this question in an articulate and interesting fashion. If your client runs a coffee shop or restaurant. You can focus on the great environment it provides families, businessmen, and women, and the overall friendly atmosphere. You could discuss what this business does differently than its competitors.

For instance, maybe this coffee shop or restaurant uses all-organic ingredients; this information should be readily available on the home page, and other portals around the web. Not only will writing a great copy of this help target great keywords such as “all-organic”. But it will instantly tell the readers what makes this business unique.

2. Harness offline influence for online purpose

As a marketing consultant, you could suggest to the manager or owner of the business to participate in an event. Whether that is a coffee shop hosting an open mic night, or a restaurant catering to an event. Get the community physically involved.

This is tremendously important for small business SEO. Because the community that would be interested in these events are the same people that will be searching for them on the web. If the company is planning to host an event. Use this as a great copywriting subject for both the website and press.

3. Share a secret, or two!

Of course, not at the expense of the business and without management consent. But a great way to create valuable content is to teach your customers or target market something unique. In the case of the coffee shop. Maybe you could write an article on different types of espresso or a neat recipe for a cappuccino. This content is great for its website and also has the ability to go viral. People love this type of content, so social bookmarking is a great instrument to use.

If you cannot afford to hire professional copywriters to help with your SEO efforts. These simple, yet effective, approaches will make your efforts more successful. Remember, relevancy is a very important characteristic you must take into account.

If you are targeting a small niche or target market. All content should be directly pointed to them, and how to capture them. If you are targeting a more broad geographic area. For example, write this content from different perspectives to make it appealing to the greatest number of people.

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