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How to use WhatsApp Chat widget in your WordPress website [copy & paste method]

WhatsApp Chat widget in your WordPress website

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I’m Aman Gupta and you will learn how to use WhatsApp Chat on your WordPress website. With just a copy and paste method.


Whatsapp is one of the most trusted and widely used social media platforms out there. That’s why it’s become a very important part to add a WhatsApp help button to your website, blog, or just on a web page. 

So, you can use Elfsight to integrate WhatsApp into your website or mobile application. However, Elfsight makes it very easy for you to integrate WhatsApp into your products. You just need to copy and paste the code you generated by Elfsight on your web page. 

So, now you can modify and give personalized looks very easy and it’s become a very interesting part of your app and website. With the Elfsight WhatsApp widget, you can use your profile and message for your visitors. 

So they can easily reach you on WhatsApp. And we don’t have to tell you how much it’s changed the way you make sales, promotions, or just getting new leads from this Elfsight WhatsApp widget. 

So sign up for Elfsight for this amazing WhatsApp widget now.

Okay, now let’s see how you can use this free Whatsapp widget on your website. First of all, go to the top left corner of the Elfight website and you will see the logo of Elfsight and three navigation options. 

You have to click on the Widgets section. Now you can find the WhatsApp Chat widget for your website. Also, If you get in any trouble you can use the search option. 

Now, here is the fun part. You can click on the Try Demo button or just scroll down to the end of the website. And you will find this template section. You can choose and customize your WhatsApp Chat widget as you want. 

Also, you can see how it’s going to work on all media devices like desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet, etc. 

Now select your template and click on the continue button below. Here you can edit your WhatsApp Chat welcome message as you want. Then you need to sign up for Elfsight if you want to add this WhatsApp Chat widget to your website 

Also, You can use Google or Facebook to sign up. I’ll go to connect with google. Now you go back to the editing page. Click on the Apply button and save it. Then you are redirected to the subscription page. Here you can select Pro, Enterprise, Basic, or Lite plans. 

Give personal look to your WhatsApp Chat widget

I’ll go with the lite plan and then you will see the Get code popup. Here you need to copy this code and paste it into your website or any page you want. It can be your home page, contact us page, or just any blog post

Before we paste it, into our blog I want to give some personal touch. Also, you can modify it by clicking on the name of the widget. I’m using the WhatsApp icon now and everything is looking great. Now apply, and save it. 

Copy the code and paste it on your website. Also, you can use this Tutorials section provided by Elfsight. You can watch the tutorial video also. I’m looking for a WordPress tutorial to add this WhatsApp Chat widget to my WordPress website page.

So, it’s very easy. You just need to use Code or Custom HTML to add this WhatsApp Chat widget to your web page.

Now go to the page or blog post you want to use this WhatsApp Chat widget. Click on the edit button and paste the code using the Custom HTML section. And click on the update button. Use the View Post to see how it’s looking on your website. 

You can see the WhatsApp Chat widget in the bottom right corner. So, here is your welcome message for your visitors. To enable chatting you need to add some more information like your phone number in this widget. 

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Add WhatsApp Number

So, let’s see how you can add your WhatsApp mobile number to this chat widget. Go to the My widgets section and select the WhatsApp widget we make right now. 

At the top right corner, you will find the content section where you can put your WhatsApp phone number. Also, you can add your profile image as you’re using it in your WhatsApp. And change your name and caption as well.

Now click on the Apply and Save the changes. And go back to your website and see the changes you have made so far. 

Here’s you can add the WhatsApp Chat button to your website. With this simple copy and paste method.

Elfsight Countdown Timer widget

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