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Use This Amazing Google Trick To Become More Productive


Hello, friends in this post I will share my productivity tips with you to become more productive. This one post will change your workflow and make you more productive and fluent and more focused on your work.

Productive Means:

In this scenario productive means, you are using your time to finish some tasks without losing your focus. If you call someone is very productive it means they do their work on a given time or their work very effectively and perfectly. In comparison to other people.

Use Google Timer:

Make a search on google “Timer” You see a time. You have to set a 25 minutes timer on that and start working.

google timer

Between this period of time, you have to focus only on your work. don’t check notification, no talk, no social media.

After you complete your 25 minutes of work take 5 to 7 minutes break. and reset to another 25 minutes. And boom! you complete your fully productive one hour. Repeat this trick when you feel unproductive, or want more focus on your work.

Note: this tip is for laptop or desktop users. if you are using a mobile you can use any timer app.

Benefits You Get:

  1. deep work and focus
  2. quality work done
  3. more time to enjoy
  4. less stress
  5. easily complete lots of task

This technique is known as Pomodoro technique.

My Experience:

I’ve observed this technique because this is so, cool and easily apply to any task. definitely, this increased my productivity and when you complete one round of 25 minutes you will be motivated for the next one.

if you want to start some work use this trick to get a head start “say yourself it just 25 minutes” if you don’t like this work then not work more on that try another. This trick gives you to able kick start almost any kind of work you want to start immediately or important to you and you don’t want to do it right now.

After trying this technique you will find you don’t need this time. You want to work for more than 25 minutes. but it’s ideal you don’t have to stop or take breaks to just start another 25 minutes after your first 25 minutes of work

But after 40 to 60 minutes continues work pleas take some rest of 5 minutes to refresh. and start again it will boost your productivity. not taking at least 5-minute of rest will cost you less productivity and mental and physical stress and pain.

What to do between rest:

Tacking rest is all up to you but, what to do between the rest is very important. don’t do those things which drain your energy and distract.

Do These Things to get the most out of this trick: –

  1. listen to song
  2. take a short walk
  3. get some water
  4. do some stretching
  5. talk to another person but don’t disturb them.

Don’t do these Things Between your break

do not use social media. you might think it’s just 5 minutes but my friend here is the Darkest Truth of social media. These are purposely designed to get your attention and show you content related to your interest and make your stay on their platform as long as possible. And you will find it’s 15 to 25 minutes of scrolling and watching Reels, Short videos, etc.

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