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Ultimate Guide To Invest In Cryptocurrency In India.


Hello, guys in this post you will get a clear idea to invest in cryptocurrency in India. We are going to use the WaziX platform app to make transactions, exchange and buy bitcoin, etc. 

Buying cryptocurrency is up to you. If you lose something it’s not our fault. This blog is just for information purposes.

As we all know cryptocurrencies are digital money. We can not touch them or store them like physical money. They are very fluctuating in nature. In one night you can become a multi-millionaire and on the second night, it will be zero as well.

It all depends on the cryptocurrency and its potential users. And users’ trust in the cryptocurrency. This principle also applies to every currency. It doesn’t matter which form of currency or wealth.

Amazing Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency

So, let’s see how you can invest in cryptocurrency in India: –

Step1: Go to the WazirX website and signup for a new account.

sign up wazirx

Step2: Verify your email and mobile number and get your KYC verified.

wazirx account

Step3: After successfully created your wazirx account. You have to add your bank details where you can withdraw and deposit the amount you want to invest in cryptocurrency.

email varification
verify your email and submit your KYC details

So, guys please verify your email and submit your KYC details. If you want to trade in wazirx it is an important step. So get submit your KYC on wazirx and wait for completing your KYC.

After your KYC is complete on wazirx. You will get an email of completing the KYC process form wazirx. So, now you will able to invest your money and buy some cryptocurrency in India using wazirx

How To Buy Bitcoin From Wazirx App

To buy some bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you have some kind of platform like wazirx. I’m using wazirx to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in India.

If you have wazirx you can easily buy cryptocurrency in India. You just need to complete your KYC and now you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency. Let’s see step by step to buy cryptocurrency using Wazirx App

Step1: click on the Markets button. here you can see lots of trading options and cryptocurrency.

wazirx markets

In this step, we are using INR to buy cryptocurrency. so go to the INR tab in the Markets option.

charts wazirx BTC

Step2: select any cryptocurrency you like in the list and then you will see a screen like below. here are a lot of things but we are just focusing on buy and sell.

buy button wazirx

So, if you want to buy cryptocurrency you like. Click on the big circular blue wazirx button and here you can have to enter the amount you want the minimum amount of investment is 50 INR.

slide to confirm

Best cryptocurrency to invest in India: –

1 Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is one of the first digital currency which is used for buying and selling products online. it was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto it was used globally in 2009. You can buy anything from Bitcoin and send it to anyone who has a bitcoin wallet.

The transaction fee is very minimal in comparison to other currency methods. we can send and revise money from any corner of the world without any hesitation and third-party intervention. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency there is not the third party exist in the bitcoin transaction. no one is controlling and manipulating bitcoin it was a fully open-source cryptocurrency.

2 Ethereum:

The Ethereum is just like bitcoin with more compatibility and advanced option to make a modern application using blockchain. Ethereum is given DAPP platform to develop decentralized applications.

It provides a programmable blockchain. where we can send digital money to anyone without government involvement. In Ethereum you can send and receive money by just paying a little amount to the Ethereum.


EOSIO is another cryptocurrency that gives us the freedom to develop our application on the blockchain. The EOSIO provides industry-grade transaction speed to the developer. So, they can build Dapps easily and effortlessly. It also provides the latest web security standards and end-to-end encryption protection.

Crypto investment in India

cryptocurrency is booming and it’s a new face of transaction money or purchase other goods and services online. We can send and receive bitcoin from any corner of the world without any worry about spending less fee to make transactions.

So, it is very helpful for those users who work from home and receives. Or send money from anywhere in the world. this technology can have the potential to change the whole value exchange process. If we all support this amazing technology we will make this world a better place to live and transfer value trust and money easily.

Bitcoin has a lot’s potential than we ever seen. So, it can change the whole world and lifestyle of every people who live on this planet just like the internet and computer.

Crypto revolution

For instance, imagine how the world is operating before these cool techs like the internet and computer. And after the revolution of the internet and computer. So, everything is changed drastically and make things easier for local people to do work and everyone gets benefits of that in today’s world.

The most advanced concept and motive of every cryptocurrency are to avoid the third party intervention from transferring money to get the lowest transaction fee for everything. No one can interfere if I have to buy lemon juice from you.

So, we have lots of methods to do this. if we have a crypto option for that. why we should not choose this. So, we can go for any cryptocurrency we want and which gives us the most beneficial advantage of digital currency.

For example, now the monopoly of government to interfere in every local transaction with taxes. And other methods to make us trouble is no more exist if we choose to go with cryptocurrency. Yes, those old systems are also needed. but we have to use crypto more to get more benefit of that in comparison to hard cash.

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