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Top Key Difference Of Graphic Design & Web Design


Some people may think that Graphic Design and Web Design are the same. However, there are some key differences between them. Those who are planning to hire the services of a designer or have a designing career should take these differences into consideration. Here are the 2 kinds of design and the work involved in each


Graphic design makes use of graphs, graphics, images and typographic to communicate ideas. designers have the ability to work on print and digital projects. However, this type of design is only concerned with creating graphics to be used in print or on websites, but not with programming jobs – like web designers.

Web Design is just like graphic design in the way that it creates graphs, graphics, images, and typography to communicate ideas. However, it is only concerned with websites and not print. The task of web designers is to create websites that look great and load fast.

Therefore, there are some restrictions faced by some, unlike the others. For instance, web designers have to consider certain aspects like file size and image resolution, among others.

In addition, they have to turn their designs into a website that functions, which entails some programming. So, web designers have to be knowledgeable about HTML, CSS as well as other programming languages including PHP and JavaScript, to name a few.

Furthermore, websites are more dynamic than print mediums. There are two kinds of designers with their own specialization:

  • User Experience (UX) designers specialize in people the site feels to use and
  • User Interface (UI): specializing in the overall style of a website and how it is laid out.

Both are equally essential since website users must interact with it unlike when just reading a newspaper. Some designers specialize in such fields but it is important for a good specialist to be knowledgable about both, to be able to use this to draft a website.

The Importance of Knowing the Difference:

A lot of people still consider both professions as having the same type of job. So, at times people who have a web project will make the mistake of hiring a graphic designer, thinking that they will do things expected of a web designer.

In addition, when people need striking images that effectively communicate their ideas without worrying about the way the final project will appear on the web, they should choose a graphic designer, who is more artistic.

Certainly, it is just as important for people who are deciding on a career path. Each profession uses different skills, in which graphic design focuses more on artistic skills while web design stresses programming and web knowledge though both fields can overlap a bit somewhere along the way.

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