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Top 6 Global Problems Solutions By Indians


Here is the list of the top 6 finalists team. Which makes Amazing solutions to this 2020 global challenge. And the first team on this list won this Global Challenge.

1. Global Winner: Agrolly – Farming Technology

Global Winner : Agrolly – Farming Technology

Dependent on rainfall and temperature, the agriculture industry is one of the most vulnerable to climate change. So, This climate risk assessment solution, based on The Weather Company data. Aims to help farmers make more educated decisions, obtain the necessary financing, and improve their economic outcomes.

Agrolly combines the weather forecast with the crop water requirements and provides a forum module for the network between the farmers for the exchange of information and solutions.
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2. University : Pandemap

In the era of social distancing, large organizations. And institutions such as universities are finding it difficult to monitor and measure crowd flow. This is where Pandemap can be useful.

So, With a variety of data sources, the app can provide individual users with recommended routes of travel that avoid heavily trafficked areas. Administrators get an aggregated view so that they can make predictions and adjustments for their locations.
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3. AI Farm

Extreme weather events and unpredictable temperatures related to climate change are impacting farmers and their crop yields. So, This intelligent system aims to provide farmers with the information they need to adapt their crop strategies to optimize water usage and control disease. 

So, This low-cost system uses sensors to monitor groundwater levels, temperature, and humidity. The data is sent to the IBM Watson IoT platform and a hyperlocal weather forecast specific to the farm is created with Node-RED flows. 
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4. Are You Well?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed medical systems and left patients worried, particularly when they think they might have symptoms. So, This mobile app is designed to help individuals evaluate their symptoms, aided by IBM Watson Assistant. With an IBM Watson chatbot, users are asked if they are feeling well and to describe any symptoms.

The AI system then ranks the users’ input by severity level and connects. Users with medical professionals to further evaluate if the symptoms are at a high severity level. A dashboard is available for health professionals to understand where symptoms are appearing and to help them plan for a potential outbreak.
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5. Epidemic Surveillance Suite

Tracking and slowing the spread of COVID-19 has been an enormous challenge. This team’s answer is Epidemic Surveillance Suite. A comprehensive platform that can digitize contact tracing, automate end-to-end case management, enable collaboration, and generate actionable insights.

It works with existing contact tracing mobile apps and helps jurisdictions collect, analyze, monitor, and disseminate critical COVID-19 information to public health officials for critical decision making.
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6. TeacherAssist

COVID-19 has shifted education online, and today’s teachers are struggling to keep their students engaged in this new format. So, This solution empowers teachers to track their students’ attentiveness and effectiveness so they can deliver better content.

So, The web application prompts students with relevant questions at intervals, and their answers are reported back to the teacher in a dashboard. This helps teachers see student engagement rates and tailor their lesson content as needed.
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So, Guys tell me which solution is your favorite in the comment box. and yes you will get all the information from clicking here. Share this post with your friends and family members.

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