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7 Amazing Tips To Protect Your Privacy And Tracking From Facebook, Google & Chinese Companies

Amazing Tips To Protect Your Privacy And Tracking From Facebook, Google & Chinese Companies

Privacy Threat:

In this Information age now one left from daily tracking. First thing first I want to tell you these tech industries are today’s mafia. They are using our data to manipulate our choices.

Okay if you don’t believe me let’s make a test. Type on Google or Facebook or any other social media app or services your favorite food or drink like coca-cola, AMUL cool, or try to search for buying something cool gadgets online like headphones, laptops, etc.

Now you will notice after some moment you get ads related to these searches you will done previously. So, these are common these days.

Suppose you are some who need rid of them or you don’t want to track your self. Here are some techniques you will use to do that.

  1. Use a VPN.
  2. Do not search for sensitive and important things.
  3. Don’t use untrusted apps.
  4. Make Disable the internet when you not using that.
  5. Get Disable Camera and Microphone when you not using that.
  6. Disable Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri when you not using them.
  7. Disable GPS.

In this post, we mostly focus on tracking form Microphone and Camera Protection.

1 Using VPN:

You can disable the majority of tracks by just using VPN apps. Using a VPN is helps you to protect yourself from hackers, Government, and also from your ISP [Internet Service Provider].

2 Using Google Search:

It’s merely true your majority of tracking is happening by using your daily google searches. Don’t worry it’s not a serious threat for you. Google Private Policy is very nice. And their data centers are very secure. Google doesn’t share your data with anyone like Facebook.

But not every tech company gives you that kind of security policy. And their data centers are not that secure. So be careful when you using search engines like Torrent, Baidu, etc.

3. Don’t Use Untrusted Apps:

We all need User-friendly, cool-looking apps but also they come with vulnerability and major threats for our privacy and security. Even when you install these apps form play store or any trusted platform. They not able to block every app form their platform.

Be careful when you install some apps for your personal use like photo editor, listing music, reading pdfs, and eBooks.

When you install apps always read about the app. Which permission this app wants and why. Also, read at least 2 or 3 reviews of that app you going to install. It will help you to understand better. 

4. Disable internet:

When you don’t use your phone and the internet your phone is still connected with the world. This is like you’re not at home and your doors are open. So, in this case, anyone can enter your house and steal your stuff. The same thing happens when you leave your phone with internet-enabled. So any hacker can easily hack your personal data. And it can easily miss use.

So, remember always disable your internet when you go to sleep or even switch off if it’s possible.

5. Disable Camera and Microphone:

In these day’s anyone can hack your phone (Android & IOS) with basic Linux commands. It’s important to disable your microphone and camera permission from those apps that don’t use a camera or microphone. They just capture your data by using that permission.

Recently I disabled almost all microphone permission from my phone including Google and my Phone service.

I’ll do that because I’m getting lots of ads related to my TV ads.

That happened because google is always tracking you by using your phone’s microphone and camera. They just see and listen to everything whatever you do. The track everything when they find something related to their Google Adwords product they just bombard you with those ads. However, you really interested in those ads or not.

I don’t like this behavior of Google or any other big tech company. I know some time google show you just you want to see. But sometimes it’s really irritating for users like me and you.

6. Disable Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri when you not using them:

It’s very important to disable this tech when you’re not using them. Because they are equipped with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and they can store your data related to their interest more than 5 or 7 years.

They use this data to track your behavior and increase the user interface. But sometimes you will give them more important data like your secrets when you talking with your best friends or anyone you trust. Sometimes it’s your personal details. I know these big tech companies don’t share these data with anyone.

But when someone hack these high secure facility and public all the data. It was happen several times in history it’s not a new thing. So, you have to protect your precious data with this circumstance.

7. Disable GPS:

It’s very important to disable your GPS location form your phone when you serious about your privacy. Also, it helps your phone to run more time than usual. Because GPS is the most battery consuming service.

So, why you need to disable your GPS location. It’s because your phone company and google always track you where you are and what are you doing. They don’t want to miss any golden opportunity to show ads related to your interest and encourage you to consume that product you want or don’t want.

They will target you those ads which are related to your location and your interest. That the most important thing for big tech companies. That’s why they force you to always on your GPS location.

To sum up:

So, their no big deal if you’re a student or working person. If you want privacy you will have to but you have to sacrifice something to achieve that. It’s common to see ads and get hacked by someone who knows your personal data. But it all depends on you how you want to deal with it. Using these tips you will never get hacked or track by anything. It all depends on you guys thank you please share this information with your friends and relative who serious about their privacy.

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