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Tips To New Programmers

#1 Never Stop Learning

In this fast-developing world, you have to need to learn everything which is to help you to achieve your Goal.

#2 Start slow and Strong

Whatever you are going to learn, learn as you need it just like your breath.

#3 Learn from your mistakes

You can also learn from your mistakes and other mistakes also. No one is perfect in this world.

#4 Don’t underestimate yourself

Do not lose your faith, Do what you’re doing and keep going on, everything is fine at the end of the story.

#5 Learn how to Google

Google is a simple but very use full tool. whenever you get stuck Go to google and ask your problem and find the solution until you get. try different sites, make sure your sentence is correct.

#6 Always Stick to one task at a time

If you like to work like never before do only one thing at a time. then go to 2nd task. This is the key to deep work.

#7 Programmers fail most of the time

Don’t be afraid of failing just learn where you make mistakes and learn from the and move forward.

#8 Read a lot of code

you have to read a lot of codes, In this manner, you get many ideas about about how to do things right.

#9 Plan your code before you write it

When you are going to write a code you need a paper and pen to make a blue print of your code structure like flowchart. you need to prepare a flowchart which is help you to make your program understandable to you as well as others.

#10 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are stuck some ting which is not understanding by your self, ask your friend or colleague. It’s not a big deal.

Everyone is zero at the time of starting.

Take pride in what you build but don’t attach ego to your code.

Be aware that the only constant in the programming world is changing.

Different people find different things easy.

in this last tip but not least

Never Give UP

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