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The Big Picture Of HTML You Don’t Konow


Let us know why the HTML we use:

So basically HTML uses is very large in web development. But The Basic Structure of any kind of website Is start With <HTML> Tags. So you are Thinking that the HTML is use Just for the web development. Nope, My friend it’s use is another area’s also.

Let me Tell you one thing, you install some software ok, Then some instructions or Document information is available Those docs are also in HTML format.

For example If you use Python IDE or any other Software Just follow these steps.

Step 1

First thing first just open your software. In My case I use Python 2.7

python ise

Step 2

After that Go to the help section and you see the docs of the software, Or you can press F1 key to get help with docs.

help python

Step 3

So when you press the Docs or F1 key, You see this type of Window.

Step 4

It is also an HTML the document Which is seeing you are an HTML format. So this type of Documents called CHM file, this CHM format is often used for software documentation. Also, you can check by right click on doc and go to properties option.

In short the HTML have Lots of things to know. Like making game or playing videos and songs on your browser.

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Okay Then YOU Know something about HTML, So Tell Me the Full Form of HTML in Comment Box.

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