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How To Become a Successful Developer In 2021


#1 Have An End Goal In Mind

It Could be to find a full-time job as a web developer. Or to have a flexible career where you can live anywhere. Or to work yourself, without having a boss.

In all these, know what your why is. What’s the one goal that will get you out of bed in the morning, and makes you want to continue?

#2 Choose Consistency Over Speed

When you are just starting out. you might want to rush into things and spend hours each day dedicated to studying unrealistic expectations. and you may well and up burning out and giving up. Even small efforts, when combined with consistency, can lead big accomplishments.

#3 Don’t Compare Yourself To others

Obviously it’s impossible to not see what other people are doing or accomplishing. But try to not feel like you have to keep up with everyone else. It’s not bad to see the drive that others have in their own journey, nut if you start feeling down or feeling jealous if someone seems to be more ahead of you, you may end up just feeling discouraged.

#4 Find a Community of Peers

Being part of a community can really help with the feeling that you’re alone. Reading about other people with similar experiences, who may be struggling with the same issues that you are, can be hugely encouraging and motivating.

#5 Avoid Burnout & Get Rest

Overworking yourself is a pretty common temptation if you’re trying to achieve something in your nights and weekends. while this plan may work in the short term, it’s really not good for you in the long term. In your pursuit of learning to code, make sure that you carve out time to not just work, but to rest, if possible. It’ll help you in your progress in the long term.

#6 Stay Curious & Keep It Fun

One of the best characteristics of coders is that we are curious about how things work. while you’re learning, you may, for one reason or another, start feeling weary if you’ve been focused on one narrow for a while. Feel free to change gears every so often.

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