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Hello, friends today I’m very happy to tell you guys recently I finished this angular ebook called Practical Angular. This book is a very amazing resource for that wants to master the Angular.

In this book, you will find everything you want to become a full-stack developer. If you want to start your web development journey with Angular and you are struggling to find the best reference to start with I’ll mention this book for you.

One important notice for those who did not know the HTML or CSS please learn that first. You can join our CSS course to learn CSS and read our HTML tutorial to get the best overview of HTML and CSS.

So, lest see what you get from this book in brief.

First of all, I want to tell you if you don’t know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript & PHP. So, sorry guys this book is not for you. This book for those who want to learn new frameworks and being confused about how to start.

What is angular best for?

Angular best for making Enterprise application comes for a very large number of API. Which managed by its own, Angular is supported by Google. And with this makes, you easily host and get your website up and running on firebase.

The best part of angular it’s testing. In angular, it comes whit own testing environment. So developers have lots of easy time to test their application.

With angular, you can make apps for mobile devices, desktops as well as tablets. In this book, you will find this question’s answer very quickly. By making your first angular calculator in less than an hour…

You will create a stunning front end with very fast implementing bootstrap and Very cool Angular Material design. In this book, you will make a full-stack project with MySQL and PHP. In the end, you will also get some exposer to firebase CLI to host your app and lots of fun.

Why this book is useful for you?

So, guys, you may be thinking I don’t want a book I’ve lots of tutorial online which teach angular, why I choose this book. Yes, you right there are lots of book and tutorials which are better than this book. But really if you add this book to your kindle. Probably chances you will complete this book in 20 days as I did. And making this book complete I’ve gained lots of confidence to finish my other projects also.

And you will find this book very useful. In long term, this book is clear your all misconceptions about programming in angular all methodology is clear to you.

What are the benefits of this Angular book you will get?

First of all, you will make at least 3 to 4 projects on your own with the help of this book. If you are a beginner and starting angular this book is ideal for you to learn Angular.

The second thing I want to mention is that. If you read this book you will find lots of clarity In what is the module, components. How to use services in angular. What is the dependency injection and how you will use that in your projects? What are routs an all…. Goes on….

You will learn the all-important aspects of the angular framework with this Practical Angular book.

Why Angular is so popular?

After reading and finishing this book you will know why Angular is becoming very popular among web developers. And why this framework stands as one of the most popular framework’s options among the developers. Yes, it’s a very large framework but it’s also that much useful.

My Favorite Project From this book

So, guys when you start your angular journey with this book you are making a calculator app. Which is my favorite project from this book. Yes I know this was very easy but you are building this app in angular. So that’s why when I’ll make it an angular app I’m quite happy about that. And after completing this whole book I’ll realize that there are lots of things I have to learn in angular and also other full-stack frame work.


I’m sure after reading this post you will have a clear idea you have to read this book or not. We all have to develop that reading habit. So we can make cool projects and learn more deeply valuable concepts. And I’m sure if you going with this book you will never regret it. In this book, they go with step by step method to tech you. And very nicely structure every project and concept to learn.

You can download this book here

If you don’t know the HTML & CSS visit my YouTube channel and learn CSS and HTML.

And follow me on Instagram to stay in touch with me and keep learning and make sure share this post with your fellow friends…

Thank you

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