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Online Fraud Using OLX & PayTm

online fraud


Today we learn how to protect ourselves from digital frauds. Guys if you’re a user of any kind of online payment service you have to aware of this kind of fraud which is I’m going to let you in this post.

So, first of all, you need to know that any kind of QR code payment not going to pay you. QR codes are made to receive payments. Why I’m telling you that because a couple of hours ago latterly I’m going to Hacked by myself how to let’s see.

Using OLX:

When I’m posted add on OLX, and after some moment I got a call from a person. He was asking me to buy my product. So, I’m latterly excited and say yes I want to sell my product. At that time it seems me to okay with that but when he asked me to payment opting through Paytm and Google pay that was also okay.

Then he was asking me to my WhatsApp to send me QR code which has to scan by me. In my mind, some doubt occur. But I’m following his steps. He was told me to download the QR code which is sent by him I’m downloading that code.

The QR Code:

When I scan that code there is a large amount is showing to proceed. When all these things are happening he was engaged with me from a call. So, when I’m clicked on proceed It was asking me to enter my UPI pin. I’m shocked, and I will ask that person why I have to enter my pin he told me that it was a procedure.

I’m asked him why such a large amount is sowing in the procedure screen he told me it was his swapping machine balance. Okay so, I’m entered my pin and Boom. The payment did not happen I’m told that person payment was not happening because there is not sufficient balance.

The payment did not happen because I don’t have that much money he wants to transfer. Then he asked me to my account balance. I understand all the game about. And I check his WhatsApp id where he was using an Army officer DP. And putting another country’s flag image. This guy such stupid.

When I’m telling this guy my balance he was saying that I’m sending you another QR code and scan that. Then I’m fully confirmed that this guy wants to hack me. Through QR code he make a request some amount which is a transfer from my account to his account.

I’m checked his OLX profile it was just created hours ago. I repot that man on OLX, WhatsApp and also blocked him from my phone.


Whenever you’re using an online payment system like UPI be aware of that. Do not trust anyone and don’t make transactions whit that person you don’t know. If you making any unnecessary payment see the id and watch the number is right or not. And make payment with patience. If you have any doubt cancel that payment immediately.

Tip: “Do not use any unknown QR Code to make Payments or Checking your Balance”   

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