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Top 12 Things Must do to make your youtube channel successful

Things Must do to make your youtube channel successful

Hello, guys in this post of developers nation blog you get 12 things must do to make a successful youtube channel. You get great ideas and tips to increase subscribers and views to your youtube videos. So let’s learn those simple techniques to make a successful youtube channel.

1 Intro Videos For Youtube

If you are starting a travel website or blog and you want to upload your videos on youtube. And want to make an amazing traveler youtube channel you will need a great intro video for your youtube channel.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. When it comes to travel blogs and videos no one beats Youtube travel v-blogs. There are lots of professionals who are making a very good amount of money by just monetizing their videos with youtube. 

The Intro video is a very essential part of your youtube success journey. When every new user comes to your channel or watches your videos they instantly get ideas of what they get from you and your videos. It will help you to reach your potential audience and at the same time leads you to more subscribers and brand awareness.

Importance of Intro video

So, you may think about how I can get those amazing intro videos, they take time and effort to learn new skills and software. Or I don’t have that much money to get the premium partnership with online intro video makers.

Yeah you’re right you don’t need to pay for online videos, it will take your time and your effort to learn their software for just one video you need. Here is simple advice for you. Hire a freelancer to give him a gig to make amazing intro videos for you that will perfectly align with your travel blog or website theme.

You will get amazing work done by Fiverr freelancers. It is the largest freelancer community ready for your help. You can get your intro videos for your youtube channel. The minimum gig price is $5 but I suggest you hire a professional intro video maker for your website and youtube channel. Because it’s just one video that will represent your whole brand and your youtube channel. 

If you are a professional traveler and don’t want to waste your time learning new skills for just one intro video. So it’s a great idea to hire a freelancer who makes a wonderful intro video for your channel. So you can focus more on your travel blogs and it will save you lots of time also. 

Top Gig in Fiverr for Intro Videos makers 

1 Youtube intro and outro video

Fiverr Youtbe intro

2 Youtube intro video trailer with logo animation

Fiverr youtube intro video trailer with logo animation

If you want to make one or want to learn how to make one you can join the Fiverr learn course for youtube by just simply clicking here.  

2 Animation videos for youtube

These days animation videos are trending and every business wants animation videos and explainer videos for their store and their newly released products. So everyone easily recognizes and learns them hot to use. 

People are very excited to watch animation videos on youtube. If you want to open youtube channels but do not have the talent and skill to make those high-quality animation videos for your youtube channel. So keep patience. Fiverr has a solution for that. You just have to find freelance or gig you like most. And hire him to make cool animation videos for your youtube channel.

Link of Animation videos maker gig for youtube on Fiverr

1 High quality animated video commercial

high quality animated video commercial

2 Trippy drippy animated video

Trippy drippy animated video

3 Pro videos editing work fro YouTube 

YouTube videos are becoming more and more popular. They are very interesting and have a wide range of users with different age groups. It doesn’t matter if you are a video blogger, online tutor, or tech industry everyone making videos to upload on youtube.

Because Youtube has 8.6 billion monthly visitors with 2.3 billion users worldwide. Who wants to neglect that huge traffic. You may have an Edutech website or online tutor everyone wants to post some content on youtube so they can traffic to their one website.

If you want to increase your sales or traffic to your website. You must have to make videos for youtube. So those people who are watching your videos know about your brand and website and can easily visit your website.

But making videos for youtube is a very time-consuming process. You can make tons of videos but editing them is a very anxious process. But you can easily outsource your video editing work by hiring a professional freelance video editor. They have lots of experience in video editing. And make amazing video effects for your videos.

Here is the top Fivere gig of video editing for your youtube videos

Links of video editing freelancers gig on Fiverr

1 Youtube video editing for your channe

youtube video editing for your channel

2 professional video editing for youtube

professional video editing for youtube

4 Eye Catching YouTube Thumbnail Creation

To make success on youtube you need attention-grabbing, high-quality thumbnails for your videos. Thumbnail is the first thing your users will see on youtube when they search, or browser your channel. So it’s become very important that you have relevant, attractive, and amazing thumbnails for every video. 

Sometimes it all depends on your video’s thumbnail, to choose by the users to see your videos. If you have a boring video but your thumbnail is attractive to your viewers that watch your video to just find what is the matter you are taking according to the thumbnail. Is it fascinating? 

Importance of youtbe thumbnail

If you have old videos which have nice content but not getting views and likes. You have to make some changes to those videos like changing the thumbnail and heading to make your old youtube videos more attractive. Get more views, likes, shares, and subscribe also. You can try different thumbnails for just one video to see how it’s performing with the new thumbnail. And see which kind of thumbnail generates more views and likes for that video.

For this kind of work, you have to make lots of thumbnails for just one video. If you have, let’s say 20 videos on your channel. And you want to change their thumbnail to find which thumbnail works well for those videos. You need approx 40 to 60 thumbnails with a nice and attractive design.

You can make it your own if you have the skill & time to do that or you can hire a freelancer from Fiverr to do this work for you. They are very professional and do this every day and have lots of experience. So it’s better to hire them for this kind of work which can save your time and give you efficient results. And you can focus on making videos for your youtube channel or any other important work you want to do. 

Fiverr GiGs for Youtube Thumbnail 

1 Viral youtube thumbnail

viral youtube thumbnail

2 Design amazing youtube thumbnail in 2 hours

design amazing youtube thumbnail in 2 hours

5 Attractive YouTube Banner (channel art)

Youtube is watched on different kinds of devices now on TV also. Your views may be watching your videos on TV, TABs, iPad, smartphones, PCs, MacBooks, and laptops. You have to make a banner that looks beautiful on all these devices and shares words and channel purpose to your viewers and subscribers. So they get your important message through your youtube banner. 

It can be your random photos but they do not make a good impression if you want to grow your youtube channel. You have to make a clear and attractive banner that looks perfect on all devices where youtube is running. 

In your youtube channel, your banner plays a very important role. Here you can give messages to your subscribers or viewers about what they expect from this channel or how frequently you upload videos on our youtube channel or just update them with your new products like T-shirts, sales on some product, or your affiliate product details. 

If you don’t want to change your youtube banner or channel art frequently. You can go with one great banner where you can put some amazing graphics which reflect your channel and give messages to subscribe to your channel and how frequently you upload videos in your channel. So your viewers or someone who just visited your channel can hit the subscribe button easily. By doing this simple upgrade to your youtube channel you can get 2x subscribers daily.

Youtube banners are very useful if you run any kind of business. It can increase your brand awareness among your subscribers and viewers or anyone who visited your channel. You can make different youtube banners for different occasions. 


Suppose you’re running an eCommerce website and now you have a summer session sale on your eCommerce website. So you can make a specific youtube banner just for your summer sale on your eCommerce website. In this banner, you can add your product photos and how much sales you are going on that products. Like 60% sales on bags, T-Shirts, etc. 

You can make lots of banners for your different purpose and upload them to your youtube channel art section. So you can drive traffic from your youtube channel to your eCommerce website. You can hire freelancers from Fiverr to outsource this kind of work and focus on your eCommerce store and other important work.

Fiverr Banner or Channel art GiGs 

1 design a professional custom youtube banner

design a professional custom youtube banner

2 design an outstanding youtube banner

design an outstanding youtube banner

6 Free YouTube SEO Tip (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization is very important to the success of your youtube channel. By doing SEO in your youtube videos will help you to get more views and subscribers in the long run. If you want to make a successful youtube channel you have to focus on youtube SEO.

You can improve your youtube SEO by just adding a good headline that will appear on the search result options and add some part or sentence of your heading in the video’s description. Do not leave your description box empty. It is very important to fill it with relative information about your videos and some important links you want to visit by your views.

If your videos are very long you can use your videos description section as a summary box. So when every someone is thinking about whether it’s worth watching this video or not. He will read the description and get an idea of what he will get at the end of the video. Which will save his time and increase the engagement of your youtube videos.

To get full advantage of youtube SEO you have to add the same and relatable words and sentences in your heading, description, and tags. Like if your video title is “Become a web developer in a month” so you have to add web developer-related tags on your youtube video. And some information related to your video on web developers in the description box. 

Example of youtube SEO

SEO youtube

If you want to learn youtube SEO to make a successful youtube channel you can join the following courses to get a better understanding of youtube SEO strategies.

SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework

Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization with this course full of insider tips to get your site more clicks and conversions.

Also, you can outsource your Youtube SEO work to Fiverr’s freelancers. This will save you time and money. Which can be invested in your youtube channel or other important work. To hire amazing freelancers from Fiverr. Check out the following Fiverr gig links

Fiverr youtube SEO GiGs

1 Your youtube video SEO specialist

youtube video SEO specialist

2 optimize your youtube channel SEO as a certified expert

optimize your youtube channel SEO as a certified expert

7 Simple YouTube channel customization

To customize your channel you need good-looking graphics. Which includes your channel logo, banner, about your channel, some important links like your website, eCommerce store, affiliate, email, etc. in channel customization you have to add a video to your channel’s home page so whenever new viewers visit your channel they watch it. And get what they can get from your channel and you will ask them to subscribe to your channel.

You can hire a freelancer from Fiverr to do your youtube channel customization work. Find a useful Fiverr gig for channel customization below.

Get design everything you need for your youtube channel

design everything you need for your youtube channel

8 Easy YouTube Promotion

If you are running an organization or starting one you may definitely want some real and genuine subscribers for your youtube channel. If you constantly put great videos and want to grow faster than usual you can use the youtube promotion strategy to get more views, likes, and subscribers to your youtube channel. 

You can watch the full videos to run a promotion to your youtube channel by watching this Tutorial or you can just hire freelance from Fiverr to do this for you. You can get highly skilled youtube promotion Fiverr gigs below.

Organic youtube promotion of your video

organic youtube promotion of your video

9 Super YouTube Logo design

Do you know a nice logo for your youtube channel can create a good impression on your views and tell them almost everything about your channel? By just seeing your youtube channel’s logo. Creating a wonderful logo with a clear message will lead to more subscribers for your channel and build trust among your viewers.

A good logo represents a good youtube channel and helps to increase brand awareness. Just by seeing your logo your subscribers get triggered and subscribe to your channel. It’s because you are very responsible for your brand, videos, and your youtube channel. 

You can get the best logo design from fiverr. Check out some amazing logo design gigs from fiverr.

1 Design esport logo for twitch, gaming team, youtube, mascot

design esport logo for twitch, gaming team, youtube, mascot

10 Amazing YouTube Channel monetization

You can make money from your youtube videos after you successfully complete the youtube partnership requirements. To make money from youtube you have to apply for a youtube partner program. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. When you reach this milestone youtube sends you an email. Then you can start monetization on your youtube channel. 

If you do not want to wait to complete these requirements. Or you want to start earning from your first video. Then you can go with affiliate programs so you can start making money with your minimum subscriber and viewers. Whenever someone buys those affiliate products from your likes you get paid. You can put links on your youtube description box so anyone can see it and buy those products or services from your affiliate links.

Fiverr gigs make this process easy for you. If you are trying hard to monetize with several methods and not getting successful with anything. You can hire an experienced freelancer to do this task for you. Find some amazing fiver gid to monetize your youtube channel following: –

Organic youtube video and channel promotion for monetization

organic youtube video and channel promotion for monetization

11 Best YouTube channel end screen 

Now you get everything done right but you are missing out on something. Yes, it’s about your youtube videos end screen. You’re making amazing videos and getting lots of views and most of your viewers watch your videos all over to the end. Now you have to treat them with the right message and action on what they can do after watching your video.

It can be asking for likes, comments, and shares for your videos. Believe me, it works. You can give them some other interesting videos to watch after they finish this video. If you are running some kind of offers or campaigns on your eCommerce website you can add some links and send your youtube traffic to your website to get more benefits. 

If you want to create some special end screen you can go to Fiverr and hire a freelancer for it. Here are some wonderful Fiverr gigs to solve your end screen problem.

1 Youtube end card end screen outro video within 12hrs

youtube end card end screen outro video within 12hrs

2 youtube end screen outro

youtube end screen outro

12 YouTube Advertising

Finding an opportunity to succeed and expanding your business. The youtube advertising can be the best option for you. With youtube ads you can get a majority of customers who are interested in your business. From age 18 to 49 year old people spend lots of time watching youtube videos. Youtube is a huge marketplace to show your business ads. And you have to pay when your ads are playing on youtube and viewers showing interest in it.

This is an easy way to get potential customers to your eCommerce business. Check out the following links to start your youtube advertising journey with Fiverr.

Youtube advertising and ads campaign setup

youtube advertising

Your best friend on the road to YouTube success.

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