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Make Google Chrome Your Default Browser



In this post, we would see the different methods to make our chrome browser as a default browser.

We start from the beginning, Download the browse setup so keep reading.

1. Download Chrome:

To download the chrome browser you have to search on google or you’re pre-installed browser. If you can’t figure out click here to download Chrome setup.

2. Install the Chrome:

When you click on chrome setup you’ll see this kind of screen.


3. Make Default Using File Manager:

To make selecting the default browser you can go to the file manager and find any file which has .html format. And right-click on that file and select open with where you see the option called choose default program.

When you click on that option you see this window.

From here you select the chrome browser as your default browser.

4. Make Default Using Chrome:

To make the default browser every browser has the option to make that default. Let’s see where the option on chrome browser is. Open the Chrome browser and click on the Menu option and click on the setting.


After clicking on the setting button go to default browser option and click the make default.

When you click to the make default it becomes your default browser

Note: when we open a chrome browser it will ask to make browser default it is also a helpful and trusted method to make a chrome default browser.

5. Benefits to Make Default:  

When we select the default browser is helps us to make open web pages very quickly. When we click any link in another browser or document it well open in our favorite browser. It will increase our productivity and make us very fast in our workplace.

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