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Learn About 5G And 6G Technology



In this post we learn about the 5G and 6G technology, the Mobile wireless industry has started it’s technology creation, revolution and evolution since early 1970s. In the past few decades, during mobile wireless technologies have experience 4 or 5 generations of technology revolution and evolution. So, the 6 billion people own mobile phones and we analyses the various generation of cellular systems.

The fifth generation technology should is very intelligent that connect the entire world without limits. With 5G we get uninterrupted access to information, entertainment and communication will open new dimension to our lives and change our life style significantly.


So, the concept of hand held devices, the 5G network is very fast and reliable. during These days devices going to be revolutionized with the advent of 5G. Similarly The all services and application are going to be accessed by single IP as telephony, gaming and many other multimedia applications.

So, every one experienced the wireless services worldwide. It was easy to us use the 5G network technology, But there is only need of accessibility for the common man with profitable packs offered by the companies.

There is need of win the customer’s trust and faith. So, telecommunication fields easily adapt the 5G technology. 5G make our experience much better with the mobile phone.


So, the best part of the 5G technology is Lower battery consumption. We all face the battery problem with our 4G phones. The 5G is much cheaper compare to 4G, because the deployment costs of infra structure is very low.

The 5G provide us higher security, better connectivity and 5G technology not harmful to human health as 4G or 3G technology.


The 5G technology come with unified global standard and no more limitation with access and zone issues. The 5G provide concurrent data transfer paths so user can connect several wireless network simultaneously.

Moreover 5G provide wearable devices with AI capabilities and IPv6, where a visiting care-of mobile IP address is assigned according to location and connected network.

6G or Beyond 5g:

So, the future enhancement of Nano-core will be incredible as it combines with artificial intelligent (AI), One can able to control his intelligent Robot using his mobile phone. For instance Your Mobile can automatically type the message what your brain thinks. We might get a circumstance where we don’t require any spectrum for communication. The Google hot trends have rated the term 6G as the 17th most searched word in the search engines.


To sum up, we conclude that, 5G network is very fast and reliable. So, we know that 5G is 4G based technologies. In short The Fifth generation technologies offers tremendous data capabilities and unrestricted call volumes and infinite data broadcast together within latest mobile operating system. Fifth generation should make an important difference and add more services and benefits to the world over 4G. Fifth generation should be more intelligent technology that interconnects the entire world without limits.

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