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How-To Learn Online Effectively In 2020


In the world of online learning, there are lots of platforms available but we might confuse how to learn. In this post, I will give you my own method to learn online effectively.

Step 1: Identify your interest

So, first of all, you ask a question about what you want to learn this year. Okay, so you find a bunch of things you want to learn like designing, coding, singing, etc. It’s okay to have more than one interest I’ll tell you later.

Step 2: Find the best resources

Okay, friends, this is the best and most important part of the blog. In the online world, there are lots of resources and information are available. But there are lots of garbage also available to waste your time. So, look for up to 4 rated courses or read the review of the courses.

To find the best resources you can search on google or ask your friends. If you get stuck start learning all of them first. Then you getting the idea of what resources is best for you. Then carry on with that course.

Step 3: Start Learning

So, you start the new skills you want to learn. But wait for you getting bore because you don’t apply your knowledge. If you don’t apply what you learn it’s totally waste of time. When you apply that knowledge in the real-world you get the real learning experience.

Step 4: Take Rest or Quit Learning

In this step, you learn to quit your learning. But why, why you want to quit learning. You started your learning with more than one skill or interest but in this stage, you face a lot of problems. To avoid those problems you have to quit some skills which take more time, energy, and effort. To stop learning you have to analyze which skill is important and you want to learn more about it. Carry on with those skills and interests and quit others.

If you don’t want to stop any skills it’s good, but understand that you have taken breaks on learning. If you constantly learning and not getting result so it’s the right time to take rest form the skill of course. After the rest, you start the skill where you leave.

Step 5: Use Full Apps and Websites

In this step, I will mention some apps and websites. I hope these are helpful to you.


In this app, you will find every skill you want to learn. There are lots of free courses available which are very helpful. I highly recommend you click on the following link and start learning.

Keep learning and growing with courses as low as $12.99


Yes, YouTube is another best way to learn anything you want it’s not just for entertainment purposes. Perhaps the channel is best reviewed or mentions mine by the field experts on which skill you want to learn.

AnyBooks App:

In this app, you will find almost all the books you want to learn your skills. To find the best book you can search on google to get the best publishers book.


This is the best website to learn the latest technology like Machine Learning, Big Data, and Digital Marketing, etc.

Step 6: Analyze Learning

In this last step, you have to ensure that you make the checklist what you learn and achieve. To analyze your learning you can manage a learning journal where you see the growth of your learning and fined the gaps that you not learning or where you get stuck.

So, in the end, I hope you learn a lot of skills this year which are help you to grow.

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