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How To Factory reset your iPhone



So, my friends in this post we learn how to factory reset your iPhone using the traditional method. First of all why we need to reset our iPhone. So, basically, when our phone getting old and sometimes it’s an effect with viruses or not working properly we need to reset our phone. If you want to sell your iPhone also you need to Factory reset to your iPhone.

When you do the factory reset your all king of accounts are removed from the phone and all your personal information is deleted. So, another person doesn’t use this information for illegal purposes. Here all we set to Factory Reset your iPhone. The steps are the following.


So let’s start form backup your data you can back up your data on your pc or upload on your iCloud or iTunes.



Click on the setting, and look for general and click on that and scroll down to the bottom.



When you click on the general option and going to a straight downside you’ll find this reset option.

iphon resrt


When you click on reset option you’ll see lots of options to reset you have to choose to Erase All Content and Setting.



After that, you get the screen that asks you to enter your passcode you have to enter your code one or two times. Then you go to the next screen.



So, now you get the message screen and an option which will ask you to permit to erase iPhone. The message is say’s that “this will delete all media and data of your iPhone” etc. when your ready click on Erase iPhone and it will ask you your apple Id enter that and wait for 5 minutes.

Erase iPhone 2


After clicking on the Erase iPhone option you’ll see this kind of screen. When this progress bar is completed your phone is reset and you can sell that or give to your parents and family members without any worry.


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