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How To Download YouTube Videos

Download Youtub Videos


If you want to download the YouTub videos, But don’t want to install any software on your pc. So, this post for you. we give you the easy hack which will help you to download any YouTub video direct from your browser.

Also, we give you methods for Android users.


To download YouTub video in Android the app called Vid Maite is a very helpful, easy, and fast method.

Download Apk

The description of Vid Maite Video Download Guide:

vid mate Downloader Guide is a free tutorial application with photos and videos about the popular music and video, movies downloader app We made this App only as a FREE FAN APP with the guide on how to use, only for those who want to use the vidmate to download the video.

This tutor app provides an information guide for how to use vidmate video download app.

Vid Maite Download For Android

Download YouTub Videos For PC:

To download YouTub videos is a very easy method. In the URL of the video, you want to download just add SS before the youtube.

Step 1:

Add the ss in your video URL. and hit enter, This modification in your link leads you to a new web site where you cant download your video.

Step 1

Step 2:

Click the download option and download your YouTub video.

Step 2

We hope these methods help you to download your videos if not make a comment or message us on Instagram our page is @developers_natioin were we you can contact us. If You want more methods and hacks you can message us or comments in the comment box.


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