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How to create backlinks for free for your blogs and websites.

How to create backlinks for free for your blogs and websites


Hello guys in this blog you will learn about high-quality SEO backlinks. And how to create backlinks for free for your blogs and websites. You will learn how to create backlinks and how to build high-quality backlinks. Also, you will learn about different types of links and at the end, you get 7 helpful tips to create backlinks for free. So keep reading to learn all this stuff.

Backlinks are important as an SEO aspect, but it’s more than that. High-quality likes will give you more benefits as compared to any other backlinks. So there are two kinds of backlinks. First inbound backlinks and the second is outbound backlinks.

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Inbound Links

The inbound links represent how many links you have in your site that navigate your website pages one to another. For example, you are writing a blog and mentioning some other blogs on your website. That’s an inbound link.

Outbound Links

Let’s continue with the previous example if someone finds your blog useful and shares it on his website and puts your blog link on his page. Then it’s a work link backlink which shows that your blog is valuable and trustworthy to google, bing, and any other search engines. So, they value the backlinks to rank web pages. So, if someone links your blogs or any website page in his website that’s called outbound links. Because it’s coming from other websites.

In general, if you link another website in your blogs or website. It’s known as outbound links. Because it’s linking to other websites rather than your website’s pages or blogs.

From an SEO perspective, outbound links are very important as compared to inbound links. It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to link your blogs and pages to your website. You have to do those definitely if it’s needed. Those are also a good sign for good SEO backlinks.

In Fact, There are lots of stuff that affect SEO backlinks and SEO backlinks working. There are some common rules or say methods that help you to do SEO backlinks work. And get a higher ranking on the search engine result page. But first, what’s the best method to get high-quality backlinks. Or what are SEO backlinks or high-quality backlinks that make these key factors to get higher rankings on search engine result pages?

High-quality backlinks

If you think getting links for any other website can solve your backlinks problems then you are wrong. Because not every backlink is beneficial to your website ranking on SERP. You need to get backlinks from reputed and authoritative websites which are like your website. And also important that you don’t spam the inbound links or our outbound links on your pages.

If you want to link other web pages on your website or your other blogs. Don’t put links anywhere and many times. It does not help you to build SEO backlinks. Instead, you can navigate those links by giving a reason and why they are important to see for your readers.

For example, you want to link the other SEO-related blog you wrote before. You can do this by the following simple sentence.

You can see the blog How to do SEO for youtube. If you’re interested in SEO for youtube.

With this method, you give a clear idea to your readers and also for search engines what this link is about and why it’s important and related to this blog. This is the best method you can do for inbound links and outbound links also.

And one of the biggest mistakes people make when linking to any other page. That they write click here and link some random page and readers get no idea what the link is all about. It’s also followed by search engines and they do not treat this as good backlinks. Instead of doing this use the above method or write the heading of the page you want to link. This way readers get ideas about the link and also you can build high-quality backlinks.

Building backlinks by mentioning links will help you to build high-quality links. Now let’s see some major factors that help you to build high-quality backlinks

7 factors that help you to build high-quality backlinks. And help you to create backlinks for free.

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1 do-follow

These are common links we use to navigate from one page to another. And search engines value these kinds of backlinks. Do-follow links represent that this link is valuable. And it’s put there for some reason. You can make do-follow links by adding rel=”do-follow” this represents do-follow related to the link.

2 no-follow

These no-follow links help search engines to avoid unimportant links. And these do not affect the SEO backlink process. Generally, those links which have spammy nature. Or used as sponsored and it doesn’t mean for anyone. For example, someone trying to spam a blog by pasting links on the comments. Those user-generated content and links are used as no-follow links.

In general, those links are less important for SEO purposes or user-generated. Count as no-follow links. For example comments, sponsors or affiliate links, etc.

3 Provide high value

To build high-quality backlinks, you have to provide high value through your content is the most important part. Also solving the problems of your readers will give you the advantage of social sharing. Which gives SEO a boost to your content. And it’s become more valuable to search engines. So, you can create backlinks for free for your blogs and websites.

4 Consistent with your theme

You have to be consistent with the theme you have chosen for your website. It applies to both your user experience (UX) as well as with your content theme also. Suppose you’re starting a yoga website and start delivering yoga-related tutorials, blogs, and online courses.

You can not post a blog about tech that is different from your theme. This affects your SEO very badly. And search engines will get confused with this website or blog for tech or yoga. Being posting your blogs with one theme constantly will help search engines to categories and index your pages accordingly. This will help you to create backlinks for free for your blogs and websites.

5 Check broken links

To get SEO on the way you need to check regularly for broken links in your website. As well as other websites which link to your website. You can use the free backlinks checker tool to find all broken links. And you can replace those links with the latest links.

Use the semrush backlink tool for free

6 Use guest posts methods

Doing guest posts is a tested and proven method to get high-quality backlinks. But you need to do it right. The best method to use guest posts to boost your SEO is finding a blog or website related to your niche. And ask them to do a guest post on their website. Make sure you provide a high value in guest posts. So it’s become a win-win for both ends.

7 Just ask for backlinks

Sometimes people find blogs and websites to give links to. Because they want to give their users more exposure to related topics. If someone finds your blog and website more useful they like to give reference to your website or blogs. These backlinks are more valuable than any other backlinks.

You can get links because of the great content and resources you’re providing on your website. If you build a nice blog post. You can just ask for backlinks from people who are interested in your blogs and content. This way you can create backlinks for free for your blogs.

How to create backlinks for free to your website.

To find similar blogs and websites that can give you backlinks use the semrush free backlinks checker tool. Enter a similar website in your niche and find the best website or blog. The use of the backlinks checker tool. To find websites and blogs which are linking to them and ask for backlinks to your website or blogs. This is how to generate backlinks for your website.

Remember your blogs or websites related to their niche and helpful. With this simple trick, you can build lots of backlinks for free.

Build quality content with Grammarly

You need to create quality content to get high-quality backlinks. You can use Grammarly to make your content more vibrant and error-free. This online grammar and plagiarism checker tool gives you the freedom to build high-quality content. You can use this Grammarly tool to write different types of content. These also indicate different signs which help you to find your content is motivated, helpful, or inspiring. This way you can create backlinks for free to your blogs and websites.

This also helps you to write engaging and high-quality content. So you can get more backlinks as compared to other blogs.

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