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Hello, guys in this post you will learn some of the most important backlinks methods. which helps you to get a better ranking of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You’ll also learn about Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

And at the end, you will learn a powerful method to create backlinks for your website and it’s almost free of cost. it needs some of your important time & effort to reach this goal.

What is da pa and why you need to check it 

The domain authority (da) and page authority (pa) will help you to increase your overall page authority. Also, you can use this to get better SEO and SERP for your website. Which helps you to increase your monthly traffic in the long term. So, let’s see what domain authority is and why you need to check it.

What is Domain Authority (DA)

You will need to understand the domain authority of your niche to get better rankings on SERP. So, in general, the domain authority represents high-quality backlinks. The higher domains link to your website better your domain authority. 

The domain authority (da) is calculated between 0 to 100. The market leaders like amazon, google, and Facebook has the highest domain authority like 95 to 100. If you are just starting your website it’s not the right way to compare your DA rank with these websites.

To start building domain authority you need to benchmark your domain authority. You can check your website domain authority using the semrush free backlinks checker tool. With these tools, you will see your domain authority. And you can also check other websites’ domain authority in your niche. 

domain authority developers nation

For example, your competitor’s domain authority is between 30 to 40. So, you have to put all your efforts to get the domain authority for your website from 30 to 40, It’s that simple. 

To check your website backlinks you can use the semrush fastest backlinks checker tools for free. 

backlinks analysis of developers nation

So, now you have the idea about DA let’s see what Page authority (PA) is.

What is Page Authority (PA)

Page authority represents the Search Ranking of a particular page of a website. The page authority (pa) also ranges from 0 to 100. The more you get the more chances of running your page in SERP. The pa is calculated by machine learning and it’s a good way to get better SEO. But it doesn’t mean that you need the highest page authority for your website pages.

Now, Let’s see how to check backlinks using semrush.

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Backlinks are important features to increase your website SEO. Let’s use this free semrush backlinks checker tool. To get an idea, how many backlinks you have. And what are the possibilities to get more backlinks?

What are backlinks and why do you need to check them?

Backlinks are the source to get more search engine friendly. No matter if it’s inbound or outbound. Both are important. The inbound backlinks help web crawlers to navigate your site very easily. And outbound links help other sites and search engines to find your website and index your website and pages using web crawlers. The more backlinks you have the more chance to rank on Google’s SERP

If you want to get regular free traffic from search engines. Then you need to keep checking your backlinks. And manage the broken links and update them with working links. Also, you need to keep building backlinks for your website and web pages. You can use a semrush free backlink checker tool for all backlinks related problems. 

3 important things to do when checking backlinks

  • 1 Analyze competitor’s backlinks
  • 2 Find the gap and use it to build new backlinks
  • 3 Remove cheap and low-quality backlinks

To achieve this you can use the semrush backlink checker tool for free now.

Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

 Get free access to the largest backlink database for a limited time only!

The semrush backlink checker tool helps you to find all backlinks for your website. And you can easily manage backlinks for your website. Semrush has the largest backlinks database and it helps you to find your latest backlinks very fast. Try the semrush backlink tool for free now. 

How to make backlinks For Free

The very first method to build free backlinks is to write high-quality content. And find the right person who can give you a backlink for your content. You can use email to reach out to potential users. Also, you can use the semrush backlink checker tool to find the top backlinks provider for your content. 

You just need to use a semrush free backlinks checker. Use it to analyze for similar content you created. And see how many backlinks and domain authority they have using the semrush backlink tool. And reach out to those websites or blogs. Which gives backlinks to the same content you write. 

And ask them to link your page or blog you made. Use email to reach the prospect and you can also find all the information in their blog and contact page. To reach out to them using emails. If your content and website are impressive they are likely to give you backlinks.

Don’t worry if you don’t get free backlinks from these methods. It takes time and effort to build quality backlinks. 

Pro tip: build high-quality content and focus on providing value to your readers. Soon you will get lots of backlinks for free.

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