How Free VPN Apps Earn Money


What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual privet network which provides a secure and anonymous presence on the internet. We can browse the internet without any interceptions like blocked websites and apps.

Using a VPN is the safest way to use the internet. It will hide our data from our service providers, governments, and hackers.

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So, let’s see how free VPN apps or websites earn money from you. Basically there are two methods which are following:

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1. Ads:

We all know ever free service, app, and websites show us ads and earn money from them. This is basics to any apps to earn money.

2. Selling Data:

Free VPN is sold our data which they collect when we use their services or app. Selling data is a new and hot business on the internet. Every website we visit the track our behavior even our eye boles which things we are seeing more and clicking on them.

If you are really serious about your security and tracking your data. The best way is to use a paid VPN.

Why Paid VPN:

As we all know using VPN is secure and anonymous but its not necessary it will don’t sell our data. To avoid that we have to use Paid VPN services.

So, is that enough to use Paid VPN to secure, anonymous, and data security Yes you can use NordVPN subscription according to your use.

So, they have 5200 VPN servers around 59 Countries. People use their service worldwide and they have user-friendly applications for all major operating systems.    

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