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Flask by Example [Book Review]



So, guys in this post I will give you a brief idea about the book called Flask by Example. Firstly I want to tell you this book will help you to make a project with the Flask framework using Python. Secondly, this book uses an open-source library that is freely available on a public domain like jinja2, SQL and NoSQL, etc.

1. Let’s See, Who this book is for:

So, this book is for people who are tired of PHP, .NET or want to learn website making using Flask.

This book for who has known the basics of Python and want to learn how to use it to build a powerful solution with a web front-end.

2. What you need for this book:

Personally, I’m telling you that if you are MAC or Windows user it is going to be quite difficult for you. But don’t worry I know you fill figure out easily how to do with that. So, if you are an Ubuntu user it was very easy to complete this book because this book is made for Ubuntu users.

I want to tell you guys don’t worry Meanwhile, in this book they demonstrate for every Operating System, how to use the software and libraries. The Beast part of this book is that everything available on public domain whatever you use.

3. What this book covers:  

So, guys let me tell you this book has 11 Chapters, in every chapter you will find interesting tasks to do. In this book basically 3 main Projects you did. To clarify, If you ask what is my favorite project is that, Our Headlines Project there are two reasons for that first of all it was the first project in this book and second it was quite easy to done that project.

At the end of this book, you will find two more project Crime Map Project and Waiter Caller Project which will teach you how to work with the database, Google Maps, WT-Forms, etc.

4. To sum up:

So, guys if you’re thinking to make a project using python or Flask this book is best for you. Let me tell you that when you do this project you will find lots of error because this book is quite old and this book is made to work with old versions of Python and Flask. But if you’re a learner you will find the way the same as I do. All the best guys.

At the end of this post, I want to share a quote from Larry Page… Thank you, guys.

 “Always deliver more than expected.”  

By Larry Page

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