Best Health App In 2022 [HealthifyMe App Review]

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Hello, friends today we will see the HealthifyMe App review. So personally I tried lots of apps but I find this app very user-friendly and easy to use. It tracks your food and gives you a brief idea about what you are eating and helps you to lose weight or increase your weight.

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In this app, they provide you with to track the calories which you consume. They will give the daily water intake summary. In this app, you will find reminders also which remind you to get a glass of ware or get your mill in your time.


User Experience

When I tried this app first time, It was quite difficult to track each food. But when it’s become my habit it was easy. Because the app gets me frequently eating foods and it’s now easy to use this app.

daily water intake

Unlike other apps, they are quite complex to fill in the details. In this, the app track itself the calories consumed by the food you enter. We don’t worry about it, In this app we click the food pic and add them easily to our list.

Google Fit

You can connect your fitness band or any other tracking device or you can connect the Google Fit app with this app. So your other activity is easily tracked by this app to count your burned calories.

google fit tracker

To Sum Up

To sum up, I will give this app 4-star ratings for the best user experience and its simplicity. So, It was quite easy to track your daily Food and water drinking habits. Try this app and come back to comment its effects your life or not or comment me to which app review you want. In the end, Be Bye friends good to see you later.

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