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Best Budget Planning With DN EMI Calculator

Final Budget Planning

Do you want to know how our App can help you to plan your Budget?

If you’re planning about your budget for yourself or for your business. You need to manage your previous EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) as well as the future EMIs also. 

Or if you don’t have any loans and EMIs to pay. And you are planning to buy something like your Dream Home, Car, or iPhone with EMI. Then you need to pre-plan your monthly and annual Budget according to your income and expenses.

Also, If you mismatch the loan EMI and miss the EMIs. It’s charged some high amount as a penalty and it’s not good for your finances. Or if you don’t have any loans and EMIs. Then we can help you to plan a good budget for your future purchase. 

By calculating the amount you are going to pay as EMIs for a particular product at a particular time. This will give you a clear idea to plan your monthly expenses and Final Budget Planning.

And it’s very simple to use the DN EMI Calculator App, suppose you’re planning to Buy iPhone 12 mini 64GB Purple which is approx 60,000 rupees. And you get different kinds of EMIs options with different interest rates, installments of easy monthly payments. 

How To Use DN EMI Calculator App.

Here your DN EMI Calculator App will help you to find the best EMI option for you according to your income, budget, and expenses. Suppose you want to pay this EMI with 14% interest in a 12 (1 year) months period of time. 

Also, you can see in the following screenshot your monthly EMI is going to around 5387.23 with 12 monthly installments for 60,000 rupees. And you are going to pay 4646.80 total Interest on your total EMIs.  

This way you get a clear idea of how much you are going to pay for your iPhone 12 mini 64GB Purple. In this case, you pay 64646.80 for your iPhone 12 mini with this information you can easily plan your 2022 Final Budget. 

Because you know if you buy this iPhone you need to pay 5,387. Or you say approx 5,500 every month for the next 12 months. 

With DN EMI Calculator App you can calculate monthly EMIs for any product you like to buy for example car, phone, laptop, etc. Also, manage your monthly expenses easily. So, share this post with your friends and family members to help them manage their Final Budget.

And, install the DN EMI Calculator App from the Play Store now.

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