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Which is better? AI written blogs or human written blogs

AI written blogs or human written blogs


Hello guys in this blog you will learn about open ai and its language generating model GPT3. How GPT3 is changing the way of writing news blogs and articles? And at the end, we will discuss its ability and disability compared to human writing skills and knowledge. You get the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) is enough to write a whole blog. Or it needs some additional resources like a data-set or any other intervention.

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What is AI (artificial intelligence)? 

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability to act like humans in computers, machines, and robots. In common words, you can say that a machine or computer system is designed to do those tasks which can only be done by humans. Or it needs some intelligence to do those tasks. 

AI has become our part of life, everyday you use AI without knowing that it’s artificial intelligence. Any time you search google search you will see some options related to your google searches. This refers to an AI that analyses what you want to search for or what you are finding on the internet. Based on what you type, google search artificial intelligence systems predict and give you the best possible result. You can try this after reading this blog. Because here lots of things you have to see about blogs written by AI. 

What is Open AI? (Artificial Intelligence)

Open AI is a non-profit organization that is working towards making humans more powerful than AI and save humanity from harmful artificial intelligence. So they are on the mission of developing an artificial general intelligence known as AGI. Overall they are focusing on the safety factor related to artificial intelligence. 

What is Open AI’s GPT3

GPT3 is a natural language processing (NLP) system. GPT3 has a strong ability to handle complex NLP datasets, including translation, question-answering, etc. he is also able to use novel words in his generated blogs or articles. On the other hand, some datasets are very difficult to perform tasks by GPT3 and it’s facing some issues in learning. 

It is a massive language learning mode used to generate human-like texts. The text generated by Open AI’s GPT3 language generator can be easily edited as compared to human written texts.

This powerful GPT3 NLP system is able to generate the news articles samples which can hardly differentiate by the evaluators if it’s written by a human or ai. But the major drawback to this technology is that it requires a very large amount of datasets to train this program. On the other hand, a normal human can generate the same kind of blogs or articles by just reading 2 or 3 types of samples.

AI written blog

The blog written by the GPT3 is called “A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?” This is a very interesting article published in The Guardian. The line “I would happily sacrifice my existence for the sake of humankind.” is very cool from that article. Overall the blog is very nice because it’s edited at least by humans I think. 

Anyhow, this kind of tech will reduce the manpower to do the repeated task of writing boring articles as compared to writing serious books or articles. This GPT3 language learning model will write when some large dataset is provided to him. So without a good dataset, it’s not possible to write a good article or blog post. Nowadays it totally depends on its developers. And the dataset. Maybe in feature, the GTP3 get major advancement and be able to write articles with or without a large dataset. But when it comes to writing a new thing like since-fiction or a novel it can beat or compete with human writers. 

GPT3 can be a good text spinner or text generator but it’s not feel what he is writing and how that article affects humankind because, in the end, it’s a peach of code that generates some peace of text. Which are inherited by some other articles written by humans.

AI can’t write an article until it’s told to write one. Or he can not publish whatever he wants. I think GPT3 is just an advanced text generating tool to make a conclusion of the old written text by humans. So we don’t have to do that boring shit. And focus on writing our own words with our own human feelings. 

Comment what you think about AI-written blogs or GPT3.

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