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5 Things You Learn From 4HWW [Book Review]


Hello, friends today I’m sharing the 5 things I will learn from the book called Four Hour Work Week. This very helpful book for those who are struggling with time management. And don’t know the purpose of there life and working in a 9 to 5 job.

This book tech you how to live your life as you want to live. If you want to listen to the whole book from audible click here. In this book review post, you see some examples which I’ll like most. So let’s go find out those.

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1. Importance of Time:

When you read this book you will find how important time is. You will really amaze how Time defines the time. Time tech us how to value our time. In this book, I’ll fine an example I want to share with you.

Time says that suppose you’re a busy businessman and you can’t take rest anymore. If you get some kind of disease and your doctor warns you if you work more than 4 hours a day you will die soon.

So, what you will do now to improve your health you can tell us in the comment box. Definitely you’re going for 4-hour work in a day. But you will find that you’re doing very well then other normal days.

So, why it’s happening because in normal days we have lot of time to do our work so we cannot organize our work properly. If we have less time to complete our work we naturally focused of working. Due to lack of time we don’t waste our time in other stuff like social media or unimportant replaying emails etc.

2. Become Productive:

In this book, you will go to found lots of tools that will make you productive in your workplace. In this book, you will find lots of examples of how people become productive using 4HWW phenomena. I’ll like to share an example from this book.

Here is a man who works in a large company. And he was tired to work from the office. His work is mange the company problems and satisfies customers. Without getting the permission of his boss he looks the flite to china to meet his wife.

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Expanded and Updated)

He will manage all customers from his phone and install some remote desktop. So he can perform any task from home like he is available in the office.

After one week of holiday he will go to his company and no one get the he is in the holiday with his wife. Because all the work has done by him remotely. He was mange all customers from his phone and other tool. After that he decide that he is going to tell all about last week to his boos. And boos is satisfy with his work and give him permission to work from home. And he will work from home and spend his time with his lovely wife.       

3. Learn Life Lesions:

This book will teach you bunch of life lesions. I’ll sure if you read that book you will not regret. If you not interested in reading you can listen the audio book form audible.

In this book, Time teaches us how to live our life. You will find a right example to live your life with abundance. The idea of this book is that when you do the work with 4 hours a day. You will find lots of time to spend with your family and you’re loved once.

When you listen this book you will find how Time learn so many skills like cooking, chancing etc.

4. Manage Time Efficiently:

With time book you will become master of managing your time. You will find where you will spend you most of time using social media or learning new skills. With this power of managing time you will become more productive and confidant. So, you can achieve any goal in your life.

In this book, the team teaches us how to outsource or work which we don’t like much. Time will give our lots of reference in this book to outsource our work which makes us more efficient and effective in our workplace.

5. Know Your Potential:

When you complete you book you have to apply this methods in your life. If you don’t apply you can’t learn anything. So, when you started remember that it’s not easy to change your life style in a week our month. It will take month or years but you will persist and don’t give up your hope you will do that.

If you fail to do this don’t worry try again and again. You will find someday you automatically doing that thing which is Time tech us. Like, wake up early dirk water after you wake up. Don’t use any divide before 2 hours of going to sleep etc.

If you find this review instructing share with others. And you want to listen to this book free form audible click here and search for four hour work week you can listen to you 2 favorite books for free.

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